Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Slane rd Newsletter February/March 2013

Mother Hubbard’s Childcare

Newsletter February-March 2013

Firstly we would like to welcome Our Montessori class back from the mid-term and hope you all enjoyed the break.


 In February Conor in the Toddler Room has turned one and Gracie in Montessori turned four.

In March both Ethan and Connor in Pre-Montessori 1 will be turning three and in Montessori Olivia, Shay and Armandas will all turn four. We wish them all a Big Happy Birthday from us all here at Mother Hubbard’s.


Cake Sale          

We held a cake sale in our centre to raise funds for Meath Palliative Care and the Cancer Day Unit, at Tallaght Hospital in remembrance of Audrey Gibney. From the cake sake we raised over €200 and all proceeds go to the above causes. We would like to say a big thank you to all who contributed to the cake sale.



Upcoming Events  

Pyjama Day

We will be taking part in pyjama day again this year which will be held on the 8th of March 2013. Children will wear their pyjamas to crèche on this day and each family will receive a sponsorship card to fill in as best they can. The NCNA pyjama day raises funds for Make a Wish Foundation. Participation in this event is optional but we would like all to participate including staff. We hope everyone has a really fun day!

Remember Mother’s Day March 10th!!

Dates for your Calendar

The centre will close for St. Patrick’s Day on Monday the 18th of March and will re-open Tuesday the 19th of March; this excludes Montessori session as they will return on Wednesday the 20th of March.

We will also close the 29th of March for Good Friday and the 1st of April for Easter Monday. Montessori session have their mid-term from the 25th of March to the 5th of April.

What we are doing in the rooms this month


Toddlers celebrated Conor’s first birthday this month and love blossomed as Valentine’s Activities got underway. They have been enjoying getting involved in spring activities doing many things such as messy play, hand and foot prints for their collage displayed in their room. The toddler room are currently working on their Transport theme, sponge painting and finger painting all types of transport. They will also begin planning activities for St. Patrick’s Day, Mother’s day and Easter.



In playschool the children are enjoying a new part to their routine, brushing their teeth they really enjoy this and have a song to encourage their interest also. Hygiene can be made fun! They have been having lots of fun learning about the different types of transport decorating pictures of planes, cars etc., using different techniques such as sticking and gluing and painting to add to their Transport collage. They also have been learning about spring and the different types of animals and flowers associated with this season. The children will enjoy making cards and decorations for upcoming events to take home and decorate their room for St. Patrick’s Day, Mother’s Day and Easter. Valentines activities in playschool were really fun and enjoyed as the children planted beautiful flowers and decorations for their Mammy’s and Daddy’s for Valentine’s Day.

Pre-Montessori 1

The Pre-Montessori 1 children have made beautiful Valentine’s Day decorations, cards, flowers and participated in a group activity, finger painting a Valentine’s Day wall display for their room. They also had great fun doing Duck Races using straws, they really enjoyed this. They will be preparing and busy on decorating their room for St. Patrick’s Day and Easter, not forgetting Mother’s Day the children will make cards for their mammy’s to take home. Pre-Montessori 1 children are looking for to baking for Easter and having their Easter hunt. The Children enjoy the festivities and activities involved in these events.

Pre-Montessori 2

The children in Pre-Montessori 2 were learning about spring this term, learning about the flowers growing, baby lambs being born and also the weather getting warmer (fingers Crossed). The children had great fun doing colouring activities associated with spring. The children in pre-Montessori 2 made beautiful Valentine’s Day cards and book markers for their parents, along with colouring and painting Valentine’s Day pictures to decorate their room. March will be a busy month for the children as they will have St. Patrick’s Day, Mother’s Day and Easter to look forward to as they plan to decorate their room, make cards and bake some nice treats for their mammy’s. They are also very excited about their Easter egg hunt.


In Montessori this term they are busy with their arts and crafts basing them around Valentine’s Day, Occupations, spring and Hygiene. The children in Montessori are working hard on their sounds and doing really well with their homework bringing in items for the sound box each week and working on their sound and number booklets preparing for big school in September. During circle time the children are reminding themselves about manners, being kind and gentle to one another which are important life skills. The children had loads of free play, outdoor play and baking which they contributed to our cake sale. They are looking forward to learning about St. Patrick’s and basing their arts and crafts on this topic. The children have also not forgotten Mother’s Day and of course Easter as they are excited about these events and their festivities. The children in Montessori are working hard and will continue to along with plenty of fun activities such as dancing, musical chairs and many more.

Homework Club

The after school children have been busy doing their homework Monday to Thursday. Also some of our second class children are preparing for First Holy Communion this term. Fridays are NO homework Fridays which are known to the children as Fun Day Friday. Children love this as it is when they can be hands on being creative with Arts and Crafts, Painting, Outdoor Play (weather permitting) and baking. The children also took part in Valentine’s Day Festivities. They will also be very busy decorating the room for St. Patrick’s Day and will also bake some tasty treats.It’s a busy time for all the children!!


The children are taken outside as much as possible so we would like to take this opportunity to remind all parents as we never know what our weather is like in Ireland, we ask you to ensure your children have adequate clothing and footwear in the centre such as wellies and raincoats, hats and gloves for outdoor play and activities. Please label them clearly with your child’s name on each item. Also can all parents please ensure that their child has a spare set of clothes in the centre as they may need to be changed after accidents, water play and outdoor play.

Topic of the month; Recycling

Recycling conserves our natural resources and uses less energy from the environment. Saving energy in Ireland means that emissions of greenhouse gas from cars, trucks and other pollutants are reduced at the recycling plant and our energy sources aren’t depleted as quickly.  Although recycling is a lot more common now there is still a lot more that can be done protect our environment.

We at Mother Hubbard’s, at the moment in our centre we are currently looking for used batteries and unwanted shoes for recycling. There are two boxes located in the centre for these items if you wish to deposit any of either item’s we would greatly appreciate your contribution.


Enrolment for Montessori, September 2013 (ECCE)

At this moment we are currently full for our Montessori session in September 2013. There is a waiting list at present so if you wish to enrol your child or know anyone interested in enrolling their child please take note of this and inform them of this procedure. Places will be allocated if an additional room becomes available. People on our waiting list will be given first refusal.

Opening and Closing Times

We would like to take this opportunity to remind all parents about are opening and closing times. They are Monday to Friday 7:30am-6:00pm sharp. We would appreciate it if all parents could adhere to these times. Also part-time children need to be collected on time also. Can all parents please ensure that they don’t park in front of the centre at the following times below as we need the space for our bus driver,




Thank You!

Satisfaction Survey

In relation to our satisfaction survey we would like to thank all parents who completed them and for their feedback.


Montessori session will have their Easter mid-term on the 25th of March till 5th of April 2013 .

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