Thursday, December 12, 2013

Nephin Roads December newsletter 2014

Mother Hubbards Newsletter December 2013

Dear Parents,

It has been a busy few months here at Mother Hubbards and Christmas as it does every year has managed to creep up unnoticed. The Children’s Centre has experienced many changes over the past few months and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all Parents, grandparents and childminders for all their patience and understanding over the past few weeks, especially since we started the renovations to the centre at the end of October. The renovations were a big undertaking in such a short period of time and we are very pleased with our new entrance hall and protected stairs. Moving the Children’s Centre to a different building could not have happened without the help of all our Staff and I wish to thank them also.

On a more personal note I wish to thank everyone for making me feel so welcome since I started here in Mother Hubbards. I recognise that the centre is going through a period of transition at present and I will ask everyone to understand that these changes and some of them temporary, are only ever made in the best interests of your children. The safety and well-being of every child in this centre is of paramount importance. We endeavour to rectify any issues as soon as they arise and please do not hesitate to contact me if you feel that there is a problem that needs immediate attention.

From all the staff here at Mother Hubbards and myself I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Healthy and Happy New Year.


Childrens Centre News

Staff Leaving

As you know Ciara Rickard who has been with Mother Hubbards since August 2010 will be leaving us on December 20th. Ciara has been a great asset to the service and we wish her the best of luck in her new position.

Lisa Moran our sessional/afterschool teacher will also be leaving us on December 23rd, Lisa has been with Mother Hubbards since September 2012. We also want to wish her the best of luck in her new position.



We have three students with us on placement in Mother Hubbards from the Liberties College. Victoria Cullen and Sinead Doyle are in their first year of FETAC Level 5 Childcare award and are working with Elizabeth and Diana in the Toddler Room.

Megan Naughton is in second year studying for her FETAC Level 6 award in Childcare, she is based in our Pre-Montessori room with Ciara and Marie Louise

New Staff

I would like to welcome Marie-Louise McLoughlin to our Mother Hubbards Staff. She is based in the Pre-Montessori room. Marie-Louise has great experience as a nurse on call and was a supervisor in her previous position in a children’s centre.

Lost and Found

We have a box full of clothes outside the Toddler Room with no names please have a look through to see if you recognise any of the items. Can all children’s clothes please be labelled with their names as confusion can arise if children have the same clothes.

Healthy Eating

SAFEFOOD and the HSE have released a new Childhood Obesity Campaign. With 1 in 4 children in Ireland carrying excess weight this campaign will focus on communicating practical strategies which we can adopt in order to address the issues that contribute to weight gain in childhood.

We as a centre will concentrate on managing portion sizes for children and also promoting more physical activity during the day. Early Childhood Ireland have agreed to support the campaign and have sent printed booklets on behalf of SAFEFOOD to the centre. I have left these booklets on the table in the hall. Please feel free to take one.


Christmas Closure Dates

Mother Hubbards will be open on Monday 23rd of December as normal.

We will be closed from Tuesday 24th December until Wednesday January 1st 2014 (inclusive)

We will re-open on Thursday 2nd January 2014
Our ECCE sessional class will finish for Christmas Holidays on Friday 20th December for 2 weeks, they will return on Monday 6th January 2014.

Christmas Speech and Drama Play

The Christmas Speech and Drama Play will be on Friday the 20th of December at 1pm. Only two people can accompany their child to the play due to size of the room. Sessional and Montessori will do one hour of practice before the play from 12 to 1pm. Our Montessori and Sessional Groups will begin their Christmas Concert directly after the play.

Santa will visit the centre on Friday the 20th December from 10am to 12pm.


We have been dividing the children in the morning for breakfast due to the reduction in size of the toddler room. Babies and Toddlers are having their breakfast as normal in the Toddler room. Pre-Montessori, sessional and Montessori are having their breakfast upstairs in the Pre-Montessori room.


Merry Christmas Everyone, best wishes for a Healthy and Happy 2014!!!!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Slane Road December Newsletter 2013

Mother Hubbards Newsletter December 2013

Welcome to all our new children and parents that has started in our Centre since September, we hope you are all settled and enjoying Mother Hubbards.


A lot of parents have been asking where we get the “Clicks” that are in our Montessori rooms. The company that supplies the Clicks are Ease, based in Kilkenny, you can contact them on 056/7768033 or


Thank you to all who donated to our Cheerios Breakfast Appeal. It was a great success and we raised €104 for Child line Ireland.


Christmas closing dates

Sessional Montessori will finish Friday 20th of December at 12.00pm, and re open Monday 6th of January at 9.00am. The centre will be closed for all children from Monday 23rd of December at 6.00pm and re open the 2nd of January at 7.30am.


The photographer visited the centre recently. Please remember that if you do not wish to purchase your child’s photo you are under no obligation.  Photo packs that you received are €25 for 1 10X8 and 2 5X4. For a Group photo (which are displayed on the room doors or copies of your child’s photo, the prices are €10 for 1 10x8 or €5 for 1 5x4. Please return the photos as soon as possible if you do not wish to take them. Thank You!


As Santa is coming soon we know you will have playrooms full of toys after Christmas. If you are doing a clear out we would be happy to take old toys

 that are in good condition such as stickle bricks, Lego, dolls, dolls

houses and clothes, small figure dolls, wooden blocks and jigsaws. Thank You!


As the weather is getting much colder we ask all parents to ensure that their child has a scarf, hat and gloves for outdoor play during the day. To help us bring the children outdoors as much as possible we would appreciate if parents could supply wellies for the full day care children (raincoats are optional too), we aim to bring the children outdoors daily for some fresh air and exercise.  Thank You!


Thank you to everyone who participated in Teams Hopes Christmas Shoebox Appeal we received over 10 boxes!!


If parents change address or change phone number, mobile or land line, they are asked to inform the centre manager. This is in case, that the centre has to contact the parents.


Bernice Dowdall has left Mother Hubbards and we take this opportunity to wish Bernice all the best for the future, she will be missed. We are currently in the recruitment process to fill Bernice’s position.                                                           


The Montessori Groups will be having their Christmas Carol singing on the following dates, if your child would like to wear a Santa Hat or Christmas jumper!!!


Jenny’s Class  – Wednesday 18th December at 11.30am

Victoria / Fionnuala’s Class – Friday 20th December at 11.30am


As we are limited on space we have to ask that a maximum of two adults attends per child. We will be serving refreshments for parents on arrival.


It’s been our tradition the past few years to make a donation to a local charity  instead of buying the children individual Christmas presents, we will do this again this year. If any parents have a suggestion of a worthy charity please let Karen know. Thank You!


And lastly J we have put a request in at Santa’s Head office in the North Pole, to visit all the children at Mother Hubbards, Santa is very busy but assures us that we will receive a visit before Christmas and will confirm date asap, so Parents keep an eye out on the whiteboard in our Hallway.

Topic of the month; Christmas


Christmas iced cookies


·         3-3/4 cups all purpose flour
·         1 tsp baking powder
·         1/2 tsp salt
·         1 cup butter or margarine, softened (not melted!)
·         1-1/2 cups granulated sugar
·         2 eggs
·         2 tsp vanilla extract

Cooking Instructions

  1. Sift flour, baking powder, and salt together in a medium sized bowl. Set aside.
  2. Beat butter or margarine, sugar, eggs, and vanilla in a large bowl with electric mixer until fluffy. Gradually add flour mixture and stir with wooden spoon until thoroughly mixed. Cover dough with plastic wrap and chill in the refrigerator for two hours.
  3. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. On a lightly floured surface, roll out dough to 1/4 inch thick. Cut out circles with a cookie cutter or other round object, such as a glass or round plastic container. Place circles 2” apart on ungreased cookie sheet.
  4. Bake for 6-8 minutes, checking after 6 minutes. Cookies will be done when edges are lightly browned. Do not allow cookies to get too brown. Remove from oven and allow cookies to cool on cookie sheets for 5 minutes. Remove from cookies sheets to aluminum foil on a flat surface and allow to cool completely.
  5. Using a butter knife, spread white frosting on top of each cookie.
  6. Let children decorate the cookies with sprinkles, sugar, and candies.
  7. To make holly berry cookies, place two red candies or jelly beans toward the top of the cookie and draw on leaves with green decorator gel.
  8. For sugar stars, trees and other shapes, gently place a miniature cookie cutter on top of the cookie after it’s frosted. Carefully sprinkle a small amount of sugar into the cookie cutter with your fingers, being careful not to let the sugar fall outside. Gently remove cookie cutter.
  9. You can completely cover a cookie with decorative sugar by holding the frosted cookie upside down and dipping the frosted end into the sugar to coat.
  10. Use red decorator gel to write “Ho Ho Ho!” on your cookies.
  11. A snowman can be made from candies and fruit roll ups. Cut a strip of fruit roll up, about ½ thick, and twist it into a rope. Place the fruit roll up around the top of the cookie as ear muffs and add jelly beans for the muffs themselves. Decorate face with colored candies.  

From everyone at Mother Hubbards Childcare we would like to wish all our Children and Parents a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Ongar December newsletter 2013

Mother Hubbards Newsletter

November/December 2010


Happy Birthday

This month we would like to wish the following children a very big Happy Birthday:


  • Liam in Playschool room is turned 2
  • Daniel  in Montessori both turning 5
  • James in Junior Afterschool who turned 5
  • Saoirse in Montessori will turned 4
  • Ethan in Montessori will turned 4
  • Adrian in Playschool room who turns 2
  • Isabella who turned 3
  • Sarah in Pre-Montessori who turns 3
  • Elizabeth in Pre-Montessori who turns 3
  • Cara in the Junior Afterschool room who will be 5
  • Isaac in Junior Afterschool who turns 6
  • Happy Birthday to Alison and Ciara  

Good Luck

We would like to wish Gintare the very best of luck as she will be going on maternity leave very soon. We can’t wait to meet her new edition!


Final day for payments and re orders is Monday 9th of December. If you wish to send on reorders directly to the photographer his email is


  • Just a reminder that the crèche will close on the 23rd of December at 6.30pm sharp and re-open on Thursday 2nd January at 7.15am.
  • The last day of term for ECCE and Montessori is Thursday the 19th of December at 11.30am.
  • Parents of children in afterschool should please clearly label their children’s school uniforms and bags as these items are constantly mixed up.
  • Can parents paying fees through direct debit please ensure that your child’s first and second name on the reference.


As the weather is getting colder could all parents please send in a suitable coat and a hat, scarf and gloves for their child for outdoor play.  Wellies and raincoats should be provided for wet days.  You can label these items and leave them in the centre if you wish to do so.


Can the afterschool parents please ensure your child is dressed for the cold weather. As we walk the children to school it is important that they have a hat, scarf and gloves.


Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!  from all of us at Mother Hubbards Childcare.

Ongar Village                             Phone: 01 8260055


Dublin 15     


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Ongar Oct newsletter

Mother Hubbards Newsletter

October 2013

Happy Birthday

This month we would like to wish the following children a very big Happy Birthday:


·       Aoibhinn in Playschool who turns 2

·       Victoria in Pre-Montessori who turns 3

·       Sarah  in Afterschool who turns 5

·       Molly in the Junior afterschool who is 6

·       Finn in the Baby Room who will be 1

·       Alicja in Playschool who turns 3


We would like to welcome all the new children who are started with us this month. James, Saoirse and Finn in the baby room. We have Jack who has returned to us and is now in the Junior Afterschool Room.

We also would like to welcome Aoife who is working with our Junior Afterschoolers, Sarah and Orla who are working in our ECCE classes; we hope you have all settled in well.


Midterm Break

The children who attend from 9-12 will be on mid-term break from Monday 28th of October and will return on Monday 4th of Novmber. The centre is closed for everyone on Monday 28th as it is a bank holiday.


Emma in Montessori has become a big sister to baby Aoife recently. Big Congratulations to you all!


Breakfast Morning

A big thank you to everybody who took part in our Cheerio’s Child line Breakfast morning which took place on Friday 11th. We welcome donations from anyone who still want to do so.



It’s the time of the year again which all the children are looking forward to HALLOWEEN! ! !. To give our children the opportunity to celebrate this day, Thursday 31st October has been chosen as our dress up day and we look forward to see all the children in their Halloween outfits as they celebrate the day with lots of fun packed Halloween games and activities.


We are currently finalising plans for the photographer to visit us. He will take individual pictures of the children, family pictures and also class photographs. Keep an eye out for notices around the crèche. Please also remember we cannot take pictures of your children without parents’ signing the permission slips. The girls will be giving these out as soon as the date has been finalised. 


·       As it is getting really cold now we ask that parents should bring in coats, hats and gloves for their children for outdoor play. We are also asking for raincoats and wellingtons for all the children for rainy days.


·       We would like to remind all parents that children should not bring in their own toys to crèche. As you can understand we do not want children’s toys to go home damaged in any way and bringing them in can cause great confusion to other children who think they belong to the crèche. This can cause unwanted bickering and unease amongst the children.


·       Can all parents entering the Baby/Wobbler Room and The Toddler Room please remember to put on the shoe covers before entering the room. We ask that you use the shoe covers rather than removing your shoes, this is for hygiene reasons.



No 6 The Avenue

Ongar Village D.15                                          Phone: 01 8260055                         

Dublin 15                                 E-Mail:

Monday, October 14, 2013

Flowerhill Sep/Oct 2013 Newsletter

Mother Hubbards Newsletter

September/October 2013


Welcome to our first newsletter of the new school year. We would like to welcome all the new children who started with us this month and their parents.  We hope you all will be very happy here at Mother Hubbards.  

Happy Birthday

We have lots of birthdays in September and October.

Happy birthday to everyone…..


·        Emma in Afterschool turned 11

·        Eabha in Playschool turned 2

·        Meta in Playschool turned 3

·        Ellana in Montessori turned 4

·        Samantha in Afterschool turned 8

·        Oisin in Afterschool turned 11

·        George in Montessori turned 4

·        Sam in Afterschool turned 5

·        Kimberly in Montessori turned 4

·        Oliver in Playschool will be 3

·        Conor in Afterschool will be 8


·        Cheerios Childline Breakfast Together Week will run from 7th-13th October.  We will host our breakfast morning on Wednesday 9th October.

·        Last year, hundreds of people held breakfasts with their friends, families and colleagues raising over €130,000 for Childline. Childline is funded entirely by the Irish public and helping raise funds will enable them to answer more calls from the many vulnerable children who phone them each day.



·        Please remember to close the front door when you are leaving to ensure the safety of all children.

·        If you have not already brought in a spare set of clothes for your child please do so as soon as possible. It is very important that we have them in case of accidents. Please remember to label all your child’s belongings and school bags to prevent mix up.

·        Just a reminder that the ECCE Montessori session runs from 9am until 12pm. Please ensure children are not dropped off before 9am and are collected at 12pm. All children must be accompanied to the room by an adult and may only be collected by a parent or an adult who has been named on the booking form. If someone is collecting your child who is not named on the booking form, please let us know in advance.

·        Reminder to Montessori parents: the noticeboard on the right hand wall in the Montessori room will display the sound, topic and book of the week.  This will change each week and we’d like to remind parents to check the noticeboard weekly. If your child has any items relating to the topic of the week we would encourage them to bring these items in. Also, please remember when your child’s name is posted on the noticeboard for ‘book of the week’ to send in their favourite book with them for one day.

·        Outdoor Play forms a large part of our curriculum and has significant importance in a child’s holistic development.  We try to incorporate outdoor play as often as possible and children should be well enough to go outside if they are attending crèche.  We cannot allow children to stay inside unaccompanied whilst others are outside playing and there would be no space for them in other groups due to staff/child ratios.  Please send coats/scarves/hats etc with your children and we will ensure they wear them when going outside.

·        Children are encouraged to bring healthy lunches. Chocolate, crisps and fizzy drinks are discouraged and we would appreciate your co-operation on this.

Upcoming Events

·        During October, we will be covering road safety as National Road Safety Week runs from October 7th – 11th.

·        We will be holding a Halloween Party as part of Trick or Treat for Temple Street Hospital.  Children can dress up in their favourite costume.  We will send out the date and details nearer the time.

·        Halloween Mid Term for ECCE Montessori children runs from October 28th to November 1st.  We will be closed during this week and will re-open on Monday November 4th.  Wishing you and your family a very Happy Halloween J 


Mother Hubbard’s,

151 Blackcastle Lodge,

Flowerhill, Navan

Co. Meath