Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ongar May newsletter 2011

Mother Hubbards Newsletter
May 2011
Look Birthday birthday time:

  • Jamie in the Toddler room who turned 2 years 
  • Alexei in the Montessori class who turned 4 years 
  • Megan in the Toddler room who will be turning 2 
  • Jack in Pre Montessori who will be turning 3years
  • Tara in Pre Montessori who will be turning 3years 
  • Rose in the ECCE room who turning 4 
  • Angelica in the ECCE room who turning 4 
  • David in the ECCE room who turned 4 
  • Jacqueline in the ECCE room who turned 4 
  • Caoimhe in the Afterschool Club who turned 8years 
  • Anna in the Afterschool Club who turned 6years 


A huge welcome to:

·        Fiona who started in the Afterschool room
·        Eva who will start in the Afterschool room
·        Georgia with her sister will start in the Baby room
Alan in the toddler room.
Dora in the Wobblers room.
Chloe in Montessori room.
Eileen our chef.

We would like to remind all our parents opening time 7.15am and closing time 6.30 sharp.

Our website is still up and running…you can check it out at
You can find information; photos etc. of each centre and you can now also follow us on Face book and Twitter.  If you wish to join visit the website and follow the link.
Sun cream and Sunhats
As the weather is starting to get a bit better could all parents please send in a sunhat for their child clearly labelled to be left in the crèche?  Also for parents of sessional children (those who attend 9.00-12.00) please ensure that they have sun-cream applied before coming into the centre.  Children who do not have sun cream on will not be allowed to go outside.  Could parents of part-time and full-time children please send in a bottle of sun-cream to be kept in the crèche? 

Tesco Vouchers
Thank you to all who have brought in their vouchers so far, please keep them coming and remember to ask for the vouchers when you do your shopping…as they say in Tesco “Every Little Helps”.

ECCE Scheme for September 2011
Could all parents of children in the Pre-Montessori room please inform Irene  (manager) if their child will be attending in September for the ECCE Scheme   Also our Montessori session will start at 9.00am and finish at 12.00 from September 2011.  .

Montessori Trip
This year the Montessori class are planning to go to Newgrange Farm on their end of year trip. We will keep parents up to date on future developments.  

Summer Camp
We are delighted to announce our third summer camp programme for the months of July and August. The camp will provide numerous indoor and outdoor activities.  Some activities include cooking, arts and crafts, music and dance, obstacle courses, treasure hunts, sports days and many more fun activities. The camp will be divided up into two groups:

3-4 years
9.30 am to 1.30 pm
€75 per week/€275 per month

5-9 years
9.30am to 2.30 pm
€85 per week/€315 per month

No 6 the avenue                       
Ongar Village                                              
Dublin 15   
01 8260055                    

nephin rd May Newsletter 2011

Mother Hubbard’s May Newsletter 2011
Birthday Corner   

A big happy Birthday to the following children who’s birthday it is this month;

Ely who was 6yrs
James who was 2yrs
Rosin who was 2yrs
Sophie C who will be 3yrs

And a special Happy Birthday to Amy in the baby room who was g 21 on the 8th May! Happy 21st AmyJ

Easter egg Raffle
Congrats to Cliona’s mam Grainne who was the winner of the big Easter egg, unfortunately it got a bit melted before it got to Grainne but still tasted good!

Zoo Trips
The Montessori children had their zoo trips this month. We had a great time and seen lots of animals and played in the playground. We’re waiting on photos to come back & they’ll be up on the walls when we get them back. Thanks to all the parents who met us at the zoo with their zoo pass and got us in.
Annemary that has been doing our Gymboree class for the last few years will no longer be doing our class here. At present we are waiting on a new teacher for it. However Teresa & Ciara have been keeping up the singing and dancing with the children. We will let you know when we get someone to replace Annemary.

Teresa & Ciara have recently completed a course in “Effects of Domestic Violence” with Barnardos.

Summer Holidays                  
There is a notice on the cloak room door to write down the dates for your summer holidays if you know them. This is just to help us here in the centre during the summer while our staff are on holidays and we have the right cover needed. Thank you!

We are closed on the 6th June for the bank holiday.

Please check the cloak room for any clothes or items that may belong to your child. If you are bringing in spare clothes can you please label them?

Montessori Teacher
Kelley our Montessori teacher who has been out on maternity leave will not be returning to Mother Hubbard’s. We wish her all the best.
Michelle will be staying on as the Montessori Teacher. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask!

Mother Hubbard’s Childcare, 19 Nephin Road, Dublin 7.
01 8688460