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Flowerhill March newsletter 2012

Mother Hubbard’s Newsletter
March 2012

Look who has a birthday this month…
  • Tomasz in the Montessori room turns 4 years old
  • Armandes in the Montessori room who turns 4 years old
  • Jakob in the Afterschool room who turns 12 years old
  • Ryan in the Afterschool room who turns 11 years old
  • Nina in the Afterschool room who turns 5 years old

Hope you all have a lovely birthday!


We would like to welcome Jonathan, Gabriel and their parents to our Montessori class.  We hope you are very happy here with us at Mother Hubbards.

We would also like to welcome Caley O’Neill who is studying for her Fetac Level 5 and is here on a work experience placement with us on Thursdays and Fridays.

Cliona Martin is also a work experience student who has been here with us since early 2011 on work placement on Thursdays and Fridays also for parents who haven’t met her.  She is studying Childcare and Montessori level 6.


Congratulations to Julieann and John Paul Nevin on the birth of their baby boy.

        Pyjama Day

This year we will hold our annual pyjama day on Friday 23rd March in aid of the Irish Hospice Foundation (IHF) ‘Children’s Hospice Home Care Programme’.  This organisation offers support to families who are caring for seriously ill children in their own homes.  As a supporter, you make a difference to the lives of families who are struggling through difficult times.
.  All children should have received their sponsorship cards at this stage.  We ask for a €5 donation per family on the day for this worthy cause.  Children can come in dressed in their pyjamas, slippers and dressing gowns on the day.  They can bring in a teddy, blanket, sleeping bags, pillows on the day also if they wish to do so.  We will also be taking photos of the children on the day to send into the local newspaper so don’t forget to sign the permission form in your child’s classroom before the 23rd!!!
Easter break                  

A reminder to all the parents of Montessori sessional children that we are closing for the Easter break on Friday 30th March and re-opening on Monday 16th April.

Spare Clothes

Could all parents please ensure that their child has a full change of clothes left in the centre in the event of your child maybe needing a change of clothes while they are in our care.  Accidents can happen…drinks spilling, water play, toileting etc. so it is always useful to have a change for each child, just in case!!!


We would like to ask parents to not allow their child to bring toys into the centre as we cannot be responsible for looking after them.  They can get lost or broken and cause unnecessary upset and confusion between the children.  More often than not the child puts the toy down when they enter their class and its forgotten about after minutes so if it’s a case that they are insisting on bringing something with them in the mornings please take it with you once you drop your child off and bring it back at home-time if you wish to do so.

Also we have noticed some of the children in the centre putting some of the small toys e.g. cars, lego, jig-saw pieces etc. into their pockets while here in their classrooms.  We would ask parents if they find their child with any of the toys/equipment from here in their childs pockets at home to please return them.  As you can understand, a jig-saw is not much good for the children when there are missing pieces to the puzzle.  Thank you.


In our Ongar Centre we got news that Ben, who was part of our Junior Afterschoolers has been diagnosed with leukaemia recently, he is currently undergoing treatment in St. Johns Ward, Crumlin Hospital.
It was suggested by a parent that staff, parents, family and friends could take part in the Women’s Mini Marathon in June in aid of St John’s Ward. Many of our staff are taking part. We are hoping that more parents agree to take part. The marathon takes place on Monday 4th of June and all support would be welcomed. 
The website to register for the marathon is

Alternatively if you would like to make a donation follow this link:

What have we been doing lately…

Montessori children

We have been busy learning all of our sounds, letters and numbers.  We learned all about healthy eating and the food pyramid and even did some food tasting ourselves!!! We have been learning about life cylces and have planted some carrots, tomatoes and onions…now to watch them grow!! We will be planting some sunflowers also to link in with National Pyjama Day.  We also had a lovely parade for St. Patrick’s Day and made some lovely photo frames for our Mums for Mother’s Day.

Afterschool Children

We have been enjoying playing football outdoors in the afternoons.  We have also been getting creative with the sand outdoors.  We enjoyed the St. Patricks Day celebrations.  We will be planting sunflowers also to link in with this years Pyjama Day and we will be making some funny cress heads to display and look after in our classroom.

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Friday, March 2, 2012

Ongar's February Newsletter 2012

Mother Hubbards Newsletter
February 2012

Happy Birthday

This month we would like to wish the following children a very big Happy Birthday:

  • Molly in the ECCE who was 4
  • Ellie in the ECCE who was 4
  • Sarah in Afterschool who was 7
  • Oliwia in Montessori who was 4
  • Jack in Afterschool who was 5
  • Abbie in the Pre Montessori who was 4

We would like to welcome Elaine who has joined Ronke in our baby/Wobbler Room. We hope she is very happy here.

Child Protection
We would like to make all parents aware that since January 2012, child protection guidelines that have been in place for a number of years have been made law. Under these guidelines slapping is also included as a form of physical abuse. If a parent or child discloses to a staff member that they have been slapped by their parent/guardian then it is our duty of care to report it to the duty social worker. There is a website that contains all the information regarding the guidelines that we follow. The link is

Opening/Closing Times
We open at 7.15 in the morning and cannot take children from their parents before this time. We close at 6.30pm. Please remember that staff have commitments outside of work so it is important that all children are picked up at 6.30.


·        Can all parents please ensure that they supervise their children once they are picked up in the evenings as an accident may occur if a child is left un-attended.
·        Speech and Drama is now well under way in Montessori and there are some payments still outstanding, can you please ensure we receive full payment as soon as possible.
·        We have upgraded the enrolment forms. If you have not received yours please ask your child’s teacher for a copy. If you have not returned them please fill them out in full and return them soon as possible. If you have any queries about the form please do not hesitate to ask a member of staff about it.
·        We are closed on Monday 19th of March as this is the St. Patricks Day bank holiday
·        Pyjama day will take place on Friday 23rd of March, further details will follow next month

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