Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Flowerhill Newsletter March 2010

Flowerhill Mother Hubbards Newsletter March 2010

This month we would like to say Happy Birthday to:

• Joshua in the Montessori room who was 4 years old on the 3rd.
• Alanna in the playschool room who was 3 years old on the 9th.
• Iggy in the Montessori room who was 5 years old on the 17th.
• Adrian in the Montessori room who turned 4 years old on the 17th.
• Ryan in the afterschool room who was 9 years old on the 21st.
• Nina in the playschool room who will be 3 years old on the 24th.

Unwanted Clothing???

We are making a clothes collection to aid funding the fight against Cancer at St. Luke’s Hospital in Dublin. If you have any unwanted clothes at home, clean ladies, gents, children’s clothing, shoes, bed lined and towels also accepted please bring them into us before 9.30 am on Friday 26th March. You can put them in a black bag or contact Sharon in the office for an umbra clothing bag. For every 10kg bag filled and collected Umbra will donate money to St. Luke’s and also to Mother Hubbards. For more information look up or


Montessori and playschool sessionals will finish on Friday 26th March at 12.15pm and return on Monday 12th April at 9.15am for their Easter break.
For all the other children the centre will be closed on Friday 2nd April for Good Friday and Monday 5th April for Easter Monday.

National pyjama day is on this Friday 26th March. Don’t forget to wear in your pj’s and bring in your favourite teddy and blanket on the day!

We are in the process of getting our website updated. The children got their photos taken this week and had great fun so look out for them coming soon!

Usborne Books

We would like to thank all parents who purchased books from Usborne books on World Book Day. We made our target of €575 between 3 of our services, raising over €160 for here and received over €100 worth of free books. The children also really enjoyed story time with Sinead on the day and taking home their free bookmark!

Tesco for Schools and Clubs
We are collecting for the Tesco for Schools and Clubs campaign, we ask all parents to bring in as many purple voucher as possible as we are hoping to get more fun toys and games this year.

New Medicine forms
Parents please note that we have a new medicine form in place with the addition of a column for parents to sign to confirm that they know what time/ times medicine has been administered to their child at the end of each day. This is to ensure that parents are aware when their child is due this medicine again. Thank You!

Look what we’ve been up to this month in the:

Playschool Room

This month we have been having great fun singing our nursery rhymes on our new Dora mat. We have been doing action songs - three little monkeys, wheels on the bus and head, shoulders, knees and toes. We also made lovely cards for Mother’s day and badges for St. Patrick’s Day. We are getting ready for Pyjama day, painting pictures of stars and reading bed-time poems.

Montessori Room

This month we are learning about the life cycle of the flower. We made Ireland flags for St. Patrick’s Day and are currently doing activities for Easter. We are learning the letters “K” and “L” and the number 6. We also painted some lovely yellow stars to display for pyjama day.

Afterschool Room

This month we are making Easter egg collages and learning about the story behind the Easter egg. We are also making Easter masks. We planted sunflower and pumpkin seeds too so now we need to look after them and watch them grow!

Sleepy Bunny

Hide this cute sleepy Easter bunny inside your kids Easter eggs. Shhh, don’t wake him - he needs his strength to deliver those goodies.
What you'll need:
• ½ egg shell
• Wooden doll stand
• 2 large white pom poms
• 4 medium white pom poms
• 1 miniature pink pom pom
• Scrap of black felt
• Pink and white acrylic paint
• White felt
• White craft glue
• Scissors
• Thin white ribbon
How to make it:
1. Be sure egg shell is clean and dry. Paint outside of egg shell pink.
2. Paint the doll stand with a mixture of white and pink paint. Let dry.
3. Glue the egg shell to the doll stand.
4. Add some glue to the inside of the egg shell. Place one of the large white pom poms inside the egg shell. Glue the other large white pom pom on top of the first one.
5. Glue two medium white pom poms to the inside of the egg shell so that they show at the top of the shell (paws).
6. Glue the other two medium white pom poms to the head for the cheeks.
7. Glue the miniature pink pom pom in between the two cheeks.
8. Cut two long ears from the white felt and glue to the top of the head at the sides. Fold them downward and glue the ends to the egg shell.
9. Cut two small crescent shaped slits from the black felt and glue on to head for sleepy eyes.
10. Tie ribbon around the bottom of the egg shell and form a bow, trim the ends.
• Pom poms can be purchased in large value packs with different colors and sizes.
• Be sure to check the craft stores following each holiday for major clearance priced items.
• You could get even more creative and add a sleeping cap to the project by cutting a piece of pastel colored felt and rolling into a cone. Glue it to the top of the head and bend the end downward and glue to bunny’s back.

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