Thursday, November 25, 2010

Nephin Road's November Newsletter 2010

Nephin Road November Newsletter 2010

A big Happy Birthday to Maria who was 4 years.

We would like also to wish a happy birthday to Teresa who will be …??? on the 26th

.Brilliant Time…

All children in Montessori enjoyed their little walk for the Toddle Waddle to the park and had a great time. We would like to thank all the parents who contributed for this event and we are please to let you know that, we have collected a sum of €210. Everyone in the centre had also a fantastic spooky Halloween party.

The Parents’ Evening which was held on the 9th of November was a great success.  We hope all parents had a great night and enjoyed the fact you were able to talk to the staff member about your child and meeting other parents.  We wish to thank all of you who attended.

PhotographerDermot, the photographer will be coming to the centre on the Wednesday the 24th to take pictures of the children.  Children who are not attending that day can still come to have the pictures taken.





 Activities in the room

All children are busy doing winter theme in the all rooms.

·        Babies are doing painting at the same time exploring the colours.

·        Toddlers are engrossed in their activities about stars. Young Astronauts…!!!

·        Pre Montessori children are learning their numbers. Genious Mathematicians …!!!

·        Montessori children are learning about life cycle of butterflies and they are showing great interest in growing flowers. Future Ecologists…!!!



The Montessori sessional children will finish up on the 22nd of December at 12.00 and return on Monday, the 10th of January 2011 at 9.00 am.

The centre will close for all other children from the 23rd of December at 6.00 pm and reopens on the 4th January 2011 at 8.00 am.

Catherine is coming back on the 29th after covering Letitia who was on maternity leave.  Jessie will be back in Pre Montessori and Fiona will be leaving us on the 26th.  We wish good luck and all the best in her teaching career. We will miss you…

We are requesting all parents to bring permission forms for the photo.  Children will not have their picture taken if we do not receive the forms.


A big Thanks

Thank you to everyone who donated a box to our Team Hope Christmas Appeal.

 Topic of the month

Your Child's Heart for Life 

Through healthy eating and active living

Until recently, heart disease was viewed as something to become concerned about once we hit middle-age. 

We now know, however, that heart disease can begin in early childhood as a result of poor diet and lack of physical activity. A lot of attention is now focused on the increasing levels of child overweight and obesity, conditions which can lead to Type 2 diabetes and, in turn, to early heart disease. 

We have every reason to be concerned as these surprising facts from the Irish.
National Children's Survey show about the state of our children's health:
·         One out of every ten Irish children (aged 8-12 years) is overweight and each year this figure is increasing.
·         One-fifth of Irish children's energy intake comes from sweets, snacks and biscuits - a very high and unhealthy proportion!
·         Children on average eat only a half serving of vegetables per day - combined with fruit, children need to eat five servings each day
·         One in three children watches over two hours of TV every day
·         Many of our children and young people are not active enough to be healthy
So, together, we have a lot of work to do.

Golden Rules:

·         The family who eats together is healthier
It is a fact that young people who eat with their families consume fewer higher calorie drinks, more
fruit and vegetables, and less fat both at home and in meals away from home.
·         High Five for fruit and veg
Five portions of fruit and veg boost intake of Vitamins A, C, and E, especially good for heart health.
·         Get up and go
Children from the age of 5 to 18 need to be physically active for at least one hour a day. Playing in the garden, kicking a football, dancing on a dance mat and PE in school all count.

·         Variety is the spice of life
Break old eating habits - gradually - and buy healthier options. The more foods your child is exposed to, the more balanced their diet. Check your shopping against the Food Pyramid overleaf.
·         Turn off the TV more often
DVDs and computer games may be educational - at a stretch! - but it's not exercise. Don't underestimate the power of TV in promoting sugary, high-fat and high salt foods.
·         The 'S' words
Some processed foods contain lots of saturated fat, sugar and salt. Buy fresh foods wherever possible to help avoid life-long battles with weight and high blood pressure.