Friday, March 2, 2012

Ongar's February Newsletter 2012

Mother Hubbards Newsletter
February 2012

Happy Birthday

This month we would like to wish the following children a very big Happy Birthday:

  • Molly in the ECCE who was 4
  • Ellie in the ECCE who was 4
  • Sarah in Afterschool who was 7
  • Oliwia in Montessori who was 4
  • Jack in Afterschool who was 5
  • Abbie in the Pre Montessori who was 4

We would like to welcome Elaine who has joined Ronke in our baby/Wobbler Room. We hope she is very happy here.

Child Protection
We would like to make all parents aware that since January 2012, child protection guidelines that have been in place for a number of years have been made law. Under these guidelines slapping is also included as a form of physical abuse. If a parent or child discloses to a staff member that they have been slapped by their parent/guardian then it is our duty of care to report it to the duty social worker. There is a website that contains all the information regarding the guidelines that we follow. The link is

Opening/Closing Times
We open at 7.15 in the morning and cannot take children from their parents before this time. We close at 6.30pm. Please remember that staff have commitments outside of work so it is important that all children are picked up at 6.30.


·        Can all parents please ensure that they supervise their children once they are picked up in the evenings as an accident may occur if a child is left un-attended.
·        Speech and Drama is now well under way in Montessori and there are some payments still outstanding, can you please ensure we receive full payment as soon as possible.
·        We have upgraded the enrolment forms. If you have not received yours please ask your child’s teacher for a copy. If you have not returned them please fill them out in full and return them soon as possible. If you have any queries about the form please do not hesitate to ask a member of staff about it.
·        We are closed on Monday 19th of March as this is the St. Patricks Day bank holiday
·        Pyjama day will take place on Friday 23rd of March, further details will follow next month

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