Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ongar's November 2012 Newsletter

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Look who has a birthday this month:

Liam in the baby room is turning 1
Daniel and James in Montessori both turning 4
Saoirse and Ethan, both in junior Montessori will turn 3
Isabella in the pre-montessori room turns 2.

We would like to welcome the following children:
·        Adrian, Ethan and Ines into our baby room
·        Luis and Rhea into the Junior Montessori.
 We wish them all the happiness while in here.
We would also like to welcome Caroline and Donna into the team; we hope you will be very happy here.

Reminder of Christmas Holidays

The sessional Montessori children (9.00-12.00) will finish up on Thursday 20th   December at 11.30 and will return on Monday 7th January 2013 at 9.00am.
For all other children the centre will close on Friday 21st December at 6.30pm and will re-open on Wednesday 2nd January 2013.

Barnados Donation
This is to say a big thank you to all who have made donations for the Barnardos dressing up & fund raising last month. Your kind gesture is well appreciated.

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As the weather is getting colder could all parents please send in a suitable coat and a hat, scarf and gloves for their child for outdoor play.  Wellies and raincoats should be provided for wet days.  You can label these items and leave them in the centre if you wish to do so.

Hand Sanitizer

We would like to remind all parents to use the hand sanitizer in the hallway (located at the entrance) when entering and exiting the building to help stop the spread of infection in the centre especially that is winter time and parents who go to Baby room and Wobbler room please use the shoe cover to prevent infection around.

Our photographer Dermot Ward is coming to the centre on Tuesday 27th November to take photos of the children.  Parents are under no obligation to buy these photos and only do so if they wish after seeing the photos.  Look out for signs in the centre with details of prices etc.

Speech & Drama.
Speech and drama class is also in full swing at this moment in the Montessori class children love singing, dancing and acting with Hilary
Thank you to all parents who make this to happen.

Info on Children’s Right Referendum
It may be of interest to you to know what is next with the passing of the Children’s right referendum last week.
The referendum was carried with the Yes side securing 58% of the vote and the No side getting 42%.  While we are disappointed that turnout was just 33.49%, in real terms, 1,066,239 people voted (that’s almost one adult for every child in Ireland today) – out of a total electorate of 3,183,239.   For more information, please visit http://www.earlychildhoodireland.ie/children%e2%80%99s-rights-referendum/

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