Monday, May 13, 2013

Ongar April & May 2013 Newsletter

Mother Hubbards Newsletter

April and May 2013

We have lots of birthday being celebrated:

  • Lara who turned 6
  • Alex who turned 9
  • Caoimhe who will be 10
  • Srijan who will be 7
  • Anna who will be 8
  • Grace who turned 1
  • Ines who turned 1
  • Emma who turned 1
  • Melodie who turned 1
  • Lasbet who turned 3
  • Emma who will be 3
  • Anna who will be 3
  • Rory who will be 3
  • Jamie who will be 4
  • Megan who will be 4
  • Christina who will be 3
  • Moyo who turned 2



We have to say a big welcome to Matthew, Aoife and Cillian who joined us in the Baby Room, Aoife who is our Toddler Room, Sienna and Clodagh who are in our Junior Montessori and Liam in our Junior Afterschool Room.

A big welcome also to Emma who has joined our team, Emma is working alongside Gosia in the Wobbler Room. Louise has also rejoined our team she will be looking after the Junior Afterschoolers. Donna will now be working alongside Alison with the ECCE class.

We would also like to welcome our area manager Catherine back from her maternity leave.

Sun cream and Sunhats

As the weather is starting to get a bit better could all parents please send in a sunhat for their child clearly labelled to be left in the crèche.  Also for parents of sessional children (those who attend 9.00-12.00) please ensure that they have sun-cream applied before coming into the centre.  Children who do not have sun cream on will not be allowed to go outside.  Could parents of part-time and full-time children please send in a bottle of sun-cream to be kept in the crèche. 


ECCE Scheme for September 2013

Could all parents of children in the Pre-Montessori and Junior Montessori room please inform Irene or Ciara if their child will be attending in September for the ECCE Scheme.

Afterschool for September 2013

We are currently working on our numbers for September.  Could parents in the Montessori Room please confirm if their child is staying with us for afterschool care and also which school they will be attending.

Summer Camp

We are delighted to announce our annual summer camp programme for the months of July and August. The camp will provide numerous indoor and outdoor activities.  Some activities include cooking, arts and crafts, music and dance, obstacle courses, treasure hunts, sports days and many more fun activities. The camp will be divided up into two groups:


3-4 years

9.00 am to 1.00 pm

€75 per week/€275 per month


5-9 years

9.00am to 2.00 pm

€85 per week/€315 per month


Toys in Creche

We would like to remind parents that children are not allowed to bring in their own toys unless it is agreed with your child’s teacher. We have noticed that toys and games are being brought in quite frequently. Unfortunately we cannot be responsible if a toy is lost or broken. This is something that can and does happen. We will be happy to arrange days for show and tell to allow children to bring in one special toy from time to time.


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