Monday, June 10, 2013

Slane Road's June newsletter 2013

Mother Hubbards Newsletter June 2013


·         Tia in pre- Montessori was be 3 in  June and Aoife will also turn 3 in June.

·         Gracjan in Montessori will be 4 in  June and Gabriella will be 5.

·         In afterschool this month Grainne will turn 9 and Kian will be 8 in June.

A big happy birthday to you all from us here at Mother Hubbards.


The Montessori Children will finish up on Friday June 28th at 12.00. All the staff at Mother Hubbards would like to say a big farewell to the Montessori children who finish up on this day. We would like to wish them the best of luck in big school and hope they come back and see us soon. The Montessori children will hold their annual graduation party on Wednesday the 26th of June at 11:15am. Mother Hubbards will be providing tea and coffee in the reception hall for all parents from 11.15-12.00. We look forward to seeing you all there!!

Summer Camp 13

 Summer camp this year will be held in our Slane Road Centre for July and August. The emphasis in the camp is on fun and enjoyment for all. The camp provides a wide and varied programme of activities to suit all age groups. Children who attend summer camp must be 3years or over and be toilet trained. If you are interested in your child attending the camp please secure a place by calling in and leaving a deposit of €20 in the office with the centre manager. Information leaflets about summer camp are available on the table in our reception hall.
Children’s Holidays

Please note there will be a sheet on the door of the cloak room for parents to fill out the dates that their child will be on holidays from the crèche during the summer months. We would be grateful if you could fill this out as it helps us to determine staff needs over the summer. Thank You!
                                                                  Reminder to all Parents

As the summer is here and the weather hopefully gets warmer we at mother Hubbards would like to remind you to please provide clearly labelled sun cream and sunhats for your children, if you have not done so already! Thank you.

Summer trip- Grove Gardens & Open Farm   
The Montessori children will be going to Grove Gardens and Open farm on the 12th & 13th of June. The children will be split into two groups and a list of the children attending on each day will be displayed on the notice board in our reception hall. We ask all parents to ensure that their child is dressed appropriately for the weather on that day and bring a packed lunch. Please supply wellies and raincoats or sun cream and sunhats if needed!! Let’s hope we need the sunhats!!

Sports day

Sports day will be held on Friday the 21st of June (weather permitting). The times are as follows

Montessori; 9.00-12.00

Playschool and Toddlers; 3.30-4.30

27th of June for Afterschool; 4.30-5.30


What the children are doing in their rooms this month.


In playschool the children are busy working on their summer theme and getting involved in all the fun activities the summer brings such as outdoor play, water play and many more. The playschool children are particularly concentrating on learning their colours and numbers this month and will base their arts and crafts around the summer theme.


In the toddler room this month the children will be learning about the types of transport we use to go on our holidays. They will work on their beach theme and all the things to do on the beach to have lots of fun. The toddlers look forward to getting involved in plenty of outdoors experiences socialising and learning to communicate with their peers.


As the Montessori term comes to an end the children are excited about going on their end of year school trip. This year the Montessori children will visit Grove Gardens & Open Farm. The children and their teachers have really been busy preparing and practising for their end of year graduation ceremony which takes place on the 26th of June. They look forward to plenty of outdoor activities and games also.

Pre-Montessori 1

June will be a busy month for the children in pre Montessori 1 as they will be taking part in our annual sports day and going on a teddy bear’s picnic with their friends in pre-Montessori 2.  We would like to wish all the children in pre Montessori the best of luck for Montessori in September. Have a great summer.


Pre-Montessori 2

During the month of June the children are hoping to see lots of Mr Sun so that they can go outside to the garden more often to interact and socialise with their friends. The children are doing very well and having great fun taking care of the flowers, watering them every day to help them grow.


Afterschool In afterschool the children are busy being creative with arts and crafts. As Mr Sun comes out to the play the children are enjoying being out in the garden playing games and socialising with their friends.

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