Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Slane rd April newsletter 2010

Mother Hubbards Newsletter April 2010

A Big Happy Birthday to...
Hannah Mongey was 3 on the 12th April
Maia Mc Govern was 5 on the 1st April
Bebhionn Diskin was 9 on the 2nd April

Our new website is up and running at You can find information, photos and a blog about this centre and all the other Mother Hubbards centres. We are also now on Facebook and Twitter so if you wish to join visit the website and follow the link!

Pyjama Day
Thank you to everyone who took part and raised money for the Make a Wish Foundation on Pyjama Day! Everyone had lots of fun eating their mid morning breakfast and playing games! We raised over €530 which is brilliant!

Big Toddle for Barnardos
We are hoping to hold our Danone Big Toddle in May or June of this year. This is a fundraising event where toddlers and playschool will go on a Big Toddle to raise money for Barnardos. Keep an eye out for the date and details!

Sun cream and Sunhats
As the weather is getting nicer we ask all parents to ensure that their child has sun cream and a sunhat each day! Thank You!

Don’t Forget the Tesco for Schools vouchers!
Thank you to everyone who has been bringing us in the Tesco for Schools vouchers we already have 1,115 but we still need a lot more so keep dropping them in the box and if you are shopping in Tesco please don’t forget to ask for the vouchers! Thank You!

Congratulations to Karen and Peter Mc Govern on the birth of baby Ethan.

Summer Camp ‘10 will be held in our centre for July and August. The emphasis in the camp is on fun and enjoyment for all. The camp provides a wide and varied programme of activities to suit all age groups. If you are interested in your child attending the camp please fill out the forms sent out to you.

Here’s the kind of activities which will be on offer;
Cooking Outdoor Trips Parachute games

Sports Activities Water games Ball Games

Arts and Crafts Treasure Hunt Fancy Dress

Music and Dance Face Painting Picnics

The Media Initiative for Children
Stephanie recently attended training for the Media Initiative for Children Respecting Differences in the Ardboyne Hotel. This is training provided by the Early Years organisation and The Peace Initiatives and they aim to build a better understanding among children of physical, racial and cultural differences. Bullying behaviours and the inclusion of Traveller children are also addressed. Mother Hubbards hopes to receive the pack which accompanies the training shortly and then each centre will get the opportunity to introduce the pack to the children. Parents will be informed in more detail about when the pack is going to be introduced to their child and in what way nearer the time!

ECCE Scheme September 2010
Can all parents please ensure that they have informed Stephanie as to whether their child will be staying on in Montessori in September 2010 under the governments ECCE scheme. The places are filling up very quickly so if yourself, relative or friend wishes to enrol their child please do so as soon as possible.

Thank You!

Montessori Trip 2010
The Montessori children will be going on their annual trip in June! This year the children will be going to Grove Gardens in Kells. There will be two separate trips one on the 14th June and one on the 2nd July! Please keep an eye out on the notice boards for information regarding times, cost etc.

If you wish to receive this newsletter via email please give your email address to a member of staff. Thank You!

Topic of the month
Recycling; how can we make a difference?
Earth day is held on the 22nd of April every year. It is held to celebrate the importance of the environment and to ensure action in order to protect our environment.

All about recycling

Recycling conserves our natural resources and uses less energy from the environment. Saving energy in Ireland means that emissions of greenhouse gas from cars, trucks and other pollutants are reduced at the recycling power plant and our energy sources aren’t depleted as quickly.

What can be recycled?

- Aluminium cans - glass - paper

-Plastic - cardboard - metal

-Computers -batteries -old furniture

-Clothes -books - Cds

Interesting facts about recycling

• 60% of rubbish that ends up in dustbins can be recycled

• 50% of waste in the average dustbin in Ireland can be composted

• Up to 70% of a vehicle can be recycled

• Despite the fact that glass is recyclable only 15% of the glass we throw away is recycled

• Every Sunday 90% of all newspapers are thrown away which is equivalent off putting 500,000 trees in a landfill site.

• Households in Ireland produced 10 million tones of waste in 2005 of which 18% was collected for recycling. This is in contrast to other Eu countries that recycle 55% of their waste

So if you have not recycled before, maybe its time to start. Ask your local bin collector about getting a separate recycling bin. If you already recycle you can always do more to help protect the environment!!

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