Wednesday, August 11, 2010

SLane Road Summer Newsletter 2010

Mother Hubbards Summer Newsletter 2010

Lucy Gargan was 3 on the 13th of July

Liam McNamee was 4 on the 24th July

Clodagh Jane Cassells will be 1 on the 17th of August

Lauren Lodge will be 6 on the 20th of August

Conor Hyland will be 6 on the 19th of August

Megan Mc Govern will be 10 on the 11th of August

Reminders We would like to remind all parents that haven’t already given written notice that their child is leaving at the end of August to do so as soon as possible. Thank You!

Places for our ECCE scheme are filling up quick so if you know anyone who wants to send their child to one of our centres this September so let them know to do it as soon as possible!

Reminder for all parents!!

As it is the end of term for Montessori children we ask all parents to have a look through the lost and found box and identify their children’s belongings as these items will given to charity or thrown out if not claimed by the end of August. Thank You!

We are hoping to organise a trip to the park for the summer campers this month so keep an eye out on the notice board for information. Thank You!

A Big Goodbye!!
We would like to say goodbye and good luck to all the Montessori children leaving us to go to Big School next week!! We hope they have great fun and make lots of new friends!!

You can receive this newsletter via email each month just give your email address to any member of staff. Thank You!

What we did in the rooms last month;

Did lots of painting, gluing and pasting, water and sand play and went on lots of walks!
Made a train, painted rain drops, made an art book and did lots of baking! They also had lots of outdoor play and music and dancing!

Summer Campers
The first week of summer camp the children did mosaic boats, made fairy cakes and rice krispie buns and tried out different types of painting.

The second week was all about the topic Under the Sea, the children made a sea scene with fish collages and paper plate crabs.

The third week the children learned all about fruit they had a fruit tasting, made smoothies and made fruit collages.

The fourth week the children had a Drama week where they had a dress up day, face painting, puppet show and music and dance in the garden!

Car Travel with Children – Ideas to make the journey easier!!

Before the journey

• Prepare some activities that might help distract your children

• Pack well for the journey - Bring whatever you need to be comfortable- pillows, blankets, favourite toys etc.

• Snacks - Choose snacks which won't melt in the car and are not likely to crumble in their packs.

• Drinks - avoid fizzy drinks as you or your child may get soaked when they are opened! Also bear in mind that you have no way of resealing drinks in cans once opened.

• Changes of clothes for babies and toddlers are a good idea

• Ask your older child to make a compilation tape for the journey. You'd be surprised how many of the songs you will recognise!

• Make sure to bring along some of your child's favourite toys and maybe a surprise for when things get sticky!

Create your own in-car entertainment!

Why not try out some of the following activities:

• Songs, rhythms - Either you can sing or pop in one of the many great tapes available. Action songs are a real hit with younger children; remember such classics as: 'Two little dickey birds', 'I'm a little tea pot, or make up your own!

• Stories - There are a number of ways of using stories on a long journey. There is a wonderful selection of children's stories available on tape and CD. Some are sold with an accompanying book which children can use to follow the tape. Most children love it when their parents make up stories for them, a story about a journey would seem appropriate in this situation!

• Books - While some children love reading in the car it may make others queasy so be guided by your own child. An activity book containing jokes and general knowledge questions might be the answer as it would not require intense concentration and can provide fun for all the passengers. Another idea would be to pick a book for the journey which you read aloud.

• Crayons and paper - A great idea if you have space and a little laptop table for your child. There is a danger though that it may end up frustrating all concerned.

• Game Boy or hand held toys- Great for those long journeys and this might be the time to break the rules on time limits you may have on playing with these games!

Here are some ideas for games for all the family when on a long journey: some you will recognise, others you may not!

• I spy - either by letter if your child can read or by colour for younger children, e.g. I spy something red…

• Spot how many counties - Who can name the most counties by checking out other car's license plates

• Spot a dog, cow, church, tree etc. Small children will love this game!

• Look for a blue van, red car, yellow house etc

• Find a triangle, circle, square etc

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