Friday, August 13, 2010

Nephin Road Summer Newsletter 2010

We would like to welcome Sophie to Mother Hubbards in Pre Montessori and her parents Karen and Luke,

Louis in Toddlers’ Room and his parents Teresa and Ian.

A big welcome to Ciara, our new member staff in Montessori.

Lauren who was 3 yrs on the 9th of July.

Sarah who was 1yr on the 11th of July.

Eimear who was 5yrs on the 2nd of August

Oscar who was 2yrs on the 2nd of August

Hugh who was 1yr on the 4th of August

Serena who will be 4yrs on the 15th of August

Niamh O’Connor who will be 4 yrs on the 24th of August

We would like to say goodbye to Noah in Montessori and to all who will be leaving for Big School, Very Exciting!!!!!!

We wish them all the best and good luck.
We will miss you guys!!!

Summer Camp
As we are coming to the end our fantastic Summer Camp, Montessori children are having great time doing week to week theme, from Art & Craft to Irish week to cooking week. This week they have been doing Music & Dance learning songs and playing musical instruments.

Sessional Montessori
We would like to remind all parents that sessional Montessori will start from September from 9 to 12. Mother Hubbard’s Montessori will be closed on mid term breaks.

We will be taking a week break for Gymboree next week and will be back on the 26th of August for another 8 weeks.

Everyone at Mother Hubbard’s hopes that all the children, parents and staff enjoy their holidays.

Playing With Your Child
While children do need time to play alone and with other children without adult intervention, research shows that playtime with parents is also important.

Children crave time with parents. It makes them feel special. Parents are encouraged to find time to spend playing with their kids on a regular basis. This should include one to one with each child and group time with all of the adults and kids in the home. If you are a single parent or have an only child, occasionally invite family or friends over to play.

In pretend play, let the child develop the theme. Get into their world. Let them go with it. Ask questions. Play along. Be silly along with them and have fun. Avoid over-stimulation. Know when it is it is time to stop.

Also, when appropriate, parents can use stuffed animals or puppets to act out real-life situations that can teach problem solving or social skills. Let the puppet demonstrate the wrong way to handle a situation. Then, along with input from the child, act out a better way. Afterward, let the child do the same.

More Possibilities:

Play outdoors.

Throw balls.

Push kids on swings.

Make mud pies.

Go on a hike around the neighborhood.

Take a nature walk in your backyard.

Play games – card games – board games – silly and wacky kids games. Help them learn to take turns, how to win and how to loose. Praise them. Encourage them. Laugh with them.