Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Nephin Roads October 2010 Newsletter


We would like to welcome:

Catriona in the Toddlers’ room whose big brother, Senan is already in Montessori

Alex, Naima & Siobhan who will be here for work experience

Clodagh in the Babyroom

Birthdays this Month

Senan who was 4 years

Jacobs who was 4 years

Seamus who was 3 years

Ciara who will be 4 years

Fionn who was 2 years

Aoife M. who was 2 years

Emily who was 2 years

Sophie in the Babyroom who was 1 year

We would like also to wish happy birthday to our member staff, Ciara in the Toddlers’ room who was …??? on the 9th.

Happy birthday to Michelle in Montesori who will be …??? On the 20th.

Toddle Waddle

The Montesori children will be having the Toddle Waddle for the Meningitis Thrust on Wedesday the 20th of October. The children will walk to the Phoenix Park to raise money for the fund. Please have your child or children ready in the centre by 9.30 with the permission form signed.

Please have the sponsorship card ready by 29th of October.

Parent Evening

We are holding a Parents’ Evening on the Tuesday the 9th of November; this will be a social occasion to meet other parents and to have an informal chat with staff about your child on any issues. As far as health and safety is concerned, children will not be able to attend this event. We are aiming to start at 6.15 pm to 7.45 pm. Tea and coffee will be served. We hope to see you all there.

Halloween Parties

The Montessori sessionals will be having their Halloween party on Thursday the 21st October and the rest of the crèche will have theirs on the 29th of October. On that day, all children and staff can dress up and will have a SPOOKTACULAR party. Staff members will include fun games for the children to participate in.

Christmas Shoebox Appeal

We are taking part in the Team Hope Shoe Box Appeal for Christmas. We need your contribution in helping the needy children to bring hope in their lives. Anyone participating in this appeal please return the box to the centre by latest the 5th of November.


All parents will receive a letter about receiving our monthly newsletter by email or hard copy.


We would like to remind all sessional Montessori parents that Montessori closes for the Halloween Mid tern from the 25th to the 29th of October inclusive.

The centre is closed on Monday the 25th of October for the Bank Holiday.

As we getting closer to winter, we would like to remind parents please put on warm clothes on you children, so they are able to play freely outside.

News in the room

Babyroom, Toddlers, Pre- Montessori children are all busy with Halloween activities and art and craft.

Montessori children are busy learning their planets of the Solar system. They had fun in making stars and rockets. They have also learned about human organs with the help of Organ Oscar and senses.

Pass the Pumpkins

Supplies: Pumpkins, gourds, music

This musical chairs type game involves passing small pumpkins and gourds and when the music stops the person without a pumpkin is out. Play until there is a winner.

Kids sit in a circle and you hand out one less pumpkin then children in the group. Then instruct the children to start passing the pumpkins when the music begins to play and continue passing until the music stops.

Once the music stops the child without a pumpkin is out of the game. Now remove a pumpkin from the group and restart the music. This pattern continues until you have one pumpkin with one winner.

Cats Tails Game

Cats Tails - Children's Party Game

Supplies: Strips of cloth (cat tails) and kids with energy

Get long strips of cloth any extra you have a round make them at least one yard long and have the kids put them in the back of there pants (or create little Velcro attachments), with it just hitting the ground.

Then have the kids run after each other trying to step on there tail. When they lose there tail they are out of the game the winner is the last one with a tail. A couple rounds of this game should tire them out real fast.

                                                         HAPPY HALLOWEEN

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