Friday, October 29, 2010

Ongar October Newsletter 2010

Mother Hubbards Newsletter October 2010

Happy Birthday

This month we would like to wish the following children a very big Happy Birthday:
• Adeena in the Baby Room who was 1

• Ben in the Montessori Room who was 4

We would like to welcome new children who are atsrting with us, Jamie in the Baby Room, Darasimi and Ahmed who have started in the Toddler Room and Fiona who has started in Afterschool. We hope you are all very happy with us at Mother Hubbards.

We would also like to welcome Louise back from her Maternity Leave.

We have to say goodbye to Ellie who is leaving us at the end of the month, we will miss you and hope you come back to visit us soon!

Breakfast Morning
A big thank you to everybody who took part in our Cheerios Childline Breakfast moning. We raised €97.50.


• As the new fees have now come in to effect can all parents please ensure they have changed their standing order to the correct amount.

• The cold weather is starting to come upon us so can all parents please ensure their child has a suitable coat to wear while playing outside.

• As mentioned in the last newsletter can parents please make sure your child has spare clothes in the crèche and also make sure they are labelled.

• A big thank you to all parents who attended out parents evening on Thursday 7th. We appreciate the time you took to come meet with the girls. If you were unable to make it and would like to meet with the girls please contact us.

• Over the coming weeks you will see some unfamiliar faces, we will have some new students with us. It is important that students get their valuable expience.

School Bus
We just like to make parents aware that our school bus leaves at 8.15 sharp each morning.

Halloween (Taken from

Younger kids will love the dressing up aspect of Halloween, so be sure to give prizes for best/most creative/funniest costume. Younger children won't last as long at a party so less games will be required than for older kids. Choose 4-5 games and go with the flow of the party when deciding which ones you will play.

Guess The Ghost

Start by having the kids sitting/standing in a circle.

Have one child leave the room and take a large sheet and have another child stand and hide under the sheet. Mix up the remaining children in the room and then allow the child who left the room to come back inside. That child has to guess who's the ghost, by process of elimination they need to figure out which child is hiding under the sheet. Then that "Ghost" goes out of the room and a different child becomes the new ghost, mix up the remaining children and repeat until all of the children have had a turn being the ghost.

Halloween Toe Mural

The perfect Halloween game for kids- they will love getting their toes all icky and sticky. Probably a better outdoor activity because of the 'mess-factor'!

Get a large piece of butcher paper for each child. Instead of finger painting - do "toe" painting with a Halloween theme. Kids must dip their toes and/or feet into pie pans of different color water paints.

Another option is to divide up the kids into several groups to have several different murals being created. Award prizes for creativity, funny, scary, etc.

Marshmallow Bobbing

Young children mostly hate getting their faces wet so this game is a variation on Apple Bobbing.

Take a large tub with icewater in it and float full size marshmallows in it.

Each child is given a straw cut in half. (Shorter straws are easier to suck and hold the marshmallow) They then have to race to see who can suck up a marshmallow the fastest. Once a child scores a marshmallow they can eat it, and sit out to let another child have a turn if they cannot all fit around the basin at one time. Keep rotating until all the kids have had one or two marshmallows.

Monster Freeze Dance

One of those Halloween games for kids that can last as long as you want it to providing you have plenty of Monstery music!

Play Halloween music and have the kids dance around like monsters! The Monster Mash is a great song for this game.

When the music stops the kids freeze in their monster positions.

The first kid to move is out, and the game continues until only one child is left.

Trick For a Treat

Make up a bag with candy and a bag with slips of paper in it. The bag with slips of paper will have all 'trick' apart from one which will have 'treat'. The number of slips of paper should equal the number of children.

All the kids who draw a 'trick' will have a specified trick that they will need to perform to get a piece of candy. One lucky child just wins a special 'treat'. The tricks can be singing a song, doing jumping jacks while turning around, other fun things that are fairly easy for little ones.

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