Friday, January 21, 2011

Flowerhill January 2011 Newsletter

           Mother Hubbards Newsletter
January 2011
Welcome to our first newsletter of 2011.
Happy New year to everyone! 
Firstly we would like to congratulate Sharon on the birth of her baby girl Holly born on 17th January at 1.29a.m weighing a healthy 7lb 9oz’s. They are both doing very well.
The Montessori ECCE Sessional children will have their mid term break on 23rd, 24th & 25th February. Mother Hubbards Childcare Centre will be closed for everyone on 17th March and on 18th March the ECCE Sessional Children will have no school.
We are very pleased to welcome Cliona Martin to our Montessori Classroom. Cliona is studying Montessori & Childcare and will be with us here at Mother Hubbards every Thursday and Friday. We hope she will enjoy her Montessori teaching practice with us.

LOOK…what’s been happening in your child’s class this Month…
                          Montessori Room
This Month has been dedicated to the Solar System learning about the Planet we live on and all those other planets far far away. The children have shown a real interest in this topic and it was lovely to hear them talking about information they learnt at circle time through play or chatting with their friends. We made a special solar system colouring book which the children will bring home this week. They have also learnt a special song called ‘ The family of the Sun’. We had a culture day this week to celebrate Australia Day- 26th January where we learnt all about Australia-where it is in the world, the Australian Flag and about all the wonderful animals that live there. Throughout this month we have also been learning the sounds h, r & m and the numbers 5, 6 & 7. Next month we have a special ‘day of love’ coming up- Valentines Day!! On Monday 14th we are going to hold a Valentine Ball in the Montessori Classroom. We would ask the girls to come in pretty dresses and the boys to come in smart shirts and ties if possible!! We will have a little party afterwards.
                         Afterschool Room
The children in the afterschool room have been busy this month putting together all the Mother Hubbards News in the form of a
Newspaper . They also enjoyed learning more about Australia. We will also hold a little afterschool Valentines Ball on 14th!!

                           Stretch & Grow
The Montessori children will have their last Gymboree Class on Friday. We will be holding a Stretch & Grow demonstration next week to see how the children enjoy this fun fitness program! We will then think about starting a 10 week program here at Mother Hubbards.

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