Monday, April 18, 2011

Slane Road April Newsletter 2011

Mother Hubbards Childcare Newsletter April 2011

Birthdays in April!
Bartlomiej will be 4 
Hannah was 4 
Maia was 6 

Pyjama Day
Thanks to everyone who raised money for our NCNA Pyjama day in aid of the Irish Hospice Foundation, The Hospice Homecare for Children Campaign, we raised €560 for this worthy cause! Well done to all involved! We even got our picture in the Meath Chronicle; a copy of the picture is on the cloakroom door so have a look next time you are passing!!

Easter holidays     
  • We are closed Friday 22nd April for Good Friday & Monday 25th April for Easter Monday.
  • We are also closed Monday the 3rd of May for the bank holiday.
  • The Montessori sessional children will be on mid-term from 18th – 29th April inclusive.

Very important reminder; can all parents please ensure that their child has sun cream and a sunhat on very warm days!

Tesco for Schools
We are currently collecting for the Tesco for Schools vouchers so don’t forget while shopping in Tesco to ask for the vouchers and put them in our collection box in the hall!

What we did in the rooms this month;
The Toddler room made lovely Mothers Day cards and sent some yummy heart shaped biscuits home! They have also being getting ready for Easter by making collage Easter eggs and Easter cards. As the weather has been so nice all the rooms have been out enjoying the sunshine! Toddlers planted some sunflower seeds recently so we can watch them grow over the next few months!
The Pre Montessori room have been learning about cats and dogs and made them out of paper plates. They made lovely Mother Day cards and are currently making all their Easter crafts including baskets with Easter eggs and Easter cards. Their next topic is weather and insects!
Junior Montessori have been learning about their senses, touch, sight, hearing, taste and smell! They made yummy pizza and perfume from fresh flowers as part of their senses week! They have been busy making arts and crafts for Easter. Their colour this month is yellow, their number is 2, their shape is the circle and their letter is C!
Montessori have been learning about Mothers Day and how important it is
To respect and be kind to your mother! They are also learning about the planets and they learned a new song all about planets! They will begin learning about our own planet Earth and then learn about the continents over the next term. They also made lots of lovely Easter crafts and yummy choc buns like birds nests and had an Easter party where two very special guests arrived….two little baby chicks!!! They now have all sound complete in their sound box except q, x, y and z. Once these sounds are done they will then start to revise the sounds again!
Afterschool made lovely perfume smelling flowers for their Mammies for Mothers Day we hope you like them! The children were really proud! They also have been making Easter crafts and will be doing more over the mid term. They have been out enjoying the lovely weather and getting lots of exercise! They also have a trip planned over the mid term to Mellowes Adventure Centre so we hope they all enjoy that!

Lost and Found Box
Our lost and found box is getting very full in the cloakroom so we are doing a clear out! We ask all parents to have a look through it and take anything that belongs to their child by the end of April. Thank You!

Congrats to Shane and Fiona Cassells on the birth of baby Noah!

 Jessica Mc Evoy in the toddler room is doing the mini marathon this June in aid of the Jack and Jill Foundation she has a sponsorship form in the toddler room if anyone wishes to sponsor her! Thank You!

We would like to say farewell to Jessica Mongey in the Junior Montessori room who is leaving us on the 15th April to go travelling we wish her the best of luck!

              Easter time Crafts                                                                                                                               
Food colouring
1.                 Using scissors make a diagonal cut in the upper left corner of the marshmallow.
2. Gently lift the corner and make a snip down the middle.
3. Use your fingers to separate the ears and angle them outward.
4. From the point where the first cut was made, snip to the middle of the marshmallow.
5. Pinch the cut end slightly to form a rounded tail.
6. For the bunny's face, make an 1/4-inch horizontal cut midway between the base of the ears and the bottom of the marshmallow.
7. Create the feet by making a diagonal cut in the lower left corner of the marshmallow. Divide the feet as shown.
8. Using a toothpick dipped in food colouring, draw on the eyes, nose, and whiskers.

Happy Easter from all at Mother Hubbards!