Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Nephin Roads February newsletter 2013

A big Welcome to Niall in the Babyroom and his parents Claire and Gethin.

Let’s wish Happy Birthday to:

·         Nathan who was 3

·         Martha who was 4

·         Julia who was 2

·         Aine who was 3

·         Abigail who was 4


Charity Event

Huge thanks to all parents, children and staff who have contributed to our Cake Sale for the Cancer Units in Tallaght Hospital.  It was a real success with a contribution of 165 Euro.


Staff News

Jessie has recently completed an updated Two Day Paediatric First Aid. Denise and Siobhan have updated their skills and knowledge in Occupational First Aid with a refresher course by Berrick Resources.



 to Ciara who just got engaged.  We wish her a very happy future.


Pyjama Day

We are holding our Pyjama Day on the 8th of March and we would like to remind all parents to have the children wearing their Jammies on the day.


Let’s have a peek in the room

All children are busy with activities for Mothers’ Day.

Montessori children have been planting cress seeds for the promotion of safe food.




Spare clothes

Parents are advised to label the children’s clothes centre to avoid confusion.


Collection Time

Parents, relatives and childminders who are collecting their children between 12 pm and 2 pm, please be aware that the babies, toddlers and pre Montessori are sleeping during these hours. It would be much appreciated if parents could be as quiet as possible.


Afterschool Care

Any parent who wants to avail for Afterschool care for September, please contact Jessie or Teresa for further information.

Topic of the month


Preparation for solving Sleep Problem

Helping your child to sleep

Take a logical and structured approach to dealing with your child's sleep problem - it works!

  • Be clear what problem you are dealing with.
  • Consider all the options and decide which one suits you best. Remember it will be you who are carrying out the program and you are the expert on your individual child and what suits them best. It might be that you could use a mixture of the approaches discussed. Try to keep you plan simple though as a complicated plan at 4 am.
  • Keep a sleep diary for at least a week before starting on the program. This will help you clarify exactly what is happening with your child's sleep and you can measure your successes by it.
  • Plan when to start on the program you have chosen. Don' t start on a program if you know that there is some major change about to happen in your child's routine e.g. move to new house, starting school, going on holidays etc. When starting on a program you will need a few weeks of stability so that your child will have the chance to adjust to any changes you are planning to make.
  • Be clear on what you are doing - consider all the possible pitfalls and plan for these. If you plan to take a gradual approach to the problem have all the steps written out before you start. They are not set in stone and can be changed as you go along but they do provide a good reference point.
  • Continue to keep a sleep diary as you are doing the program. Sometime a small change might have happened that you could miss if you are not keeping the diary. The diary also provides you with a means of keeping track of how the program is going.

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