Thursday, June 16, 2016

Newsletter Nephin Road

Mother Hubbards Newsletter
June 2016

Hi everyone, welcome to our June Newsletter. It is very busy in the centre during the month of June. Just last week we had our Graduation for 2016 where 22 children between ECCE and Montessori celebrated their time here in Mother Hubbards. It was a wonderful tear filled morning, Emma Jane, Megan and Laura put a lot of work into it and we hope you enjoyed it. To all the children who graduated last week we want to wish them all the best in their new schools in September.
To all the pre-schoolers who will be spending the extra year with us, we look forward to having loads of fun during the summer months and starting a new year in September.

News from our Babies and Toddlers
Our Babies and Toddlers are always on the move whether it’s starting to take a few steps or learning new words or songs. Every day brings something new and exciting.
This month the babies have been getting messy doing gluing and sticking as well as painting their Under the sea display. We painted different colours. Our Zoo trip theme had us making lion masks and making our own tickets.
The toddlers are getting ready for summer. We had lots of fun painting and gluing and sticking to make our summer wall of clothes and our trip to the beach. We are loving the sunny weather and we’re spending lots of time outside doing sand play and having picnics.
Our Pre-Monti’s are so busy the last few weeks learning about butterflies, frogs and our solar system. At the end of June some of the children will be transitioning into our big Montessori room, I know Ronke and Diana will be very sad to see them go.
Montessori & ECCE
Both groups have been learning all about summer time in the past few weeks. Now that graduation is over its relaxing time in pre-school. The children will be doing a lot of natural activities such as planting, water play and especially digging. Some of the Montessori boys are responsible for the large hole underneath the slide, they have enjoyed scooping and digging for the past number of weeks out in the garden. It’s a pity the weather has changed back to rain but fingers crossed the lovely sunshine will return and we can enjoy a wonderful summer camp.
Happy Birthday


Happy birthday to everyone celebrating their big day during the month of June and in the coming months. We hope you have a wonderful day. We love celebrating Birthdays here, if you wish to send in a cake please make sure it is store bought and in its original packaging as per TUSLA regulations.

Transitioning to Primary School

It’s that time of year again, ‘BIG SCHOOL’ awaits a lot of our pre-schoolers in September. Transitioning to primary school is a very sensitive period in a child’s life and it is very important that we keep things very positive and exciting when talking about primary school.

Summer Activities
Staff are in the process of planning the Summer activities for July and August. We will have these plans finalised in the next few days. If anyone has any suggestions or ideas for themes, activities or trips please let us know.

Speech and Drama
Our speech and drama play will take place on Friday 17th June at 11am. Hilary will do a rehearsal for the play from 9.30-10.30 so please ensure that your child is in before 9.30am on Friday morning. There will be tea and refreshments from 10.15am onwards down in the ECCE room for everyone. All welcome

Staff News
Emma Jane will be finishing up and beginning her maternity leave soon. Her last day will be Friday 8th July. We want to wish Emma Jane and her husband Eoin all the best as they await the arrival of their first baby.

Ronke will be finishing up with us for the summer months of July and August. Ronke will return fully energised J (we hope) in September.

You may all have met Catherine Kennedy who has been a student here with us since October 2015. Catherine has since passed all her exams and completed her Level 5 in Childcare. We are very proud of all the work she has put in. Catherine will also be helping us out for cover during the Summer months as the girls head off on holidays.

Reminders for Parents:

When making fee payments through the bank please use your child’s full name as a reference for standing orders as it will help us to ensure quick and correct allocations of payments.

Please ensure all doors and gates are closed behind you when you are entering/leaving the children’s centre.

There are boxes in the front hall with clothes that have no names on them. Please have a look through them to see if they belong to your child.
Please label your child’s clothes to avoid confusion as a lot of children have the same jackets and coats.

Also just a gentle reminder that this centre closes at 6.00pm every evening. Please try and ensure your child is collected on time. If there is a chance you may be running late please contact the centre and let staff know.

Dates to Keep in your Diary
Friday June 17th – Speech & Drama Play
Wednesday June 29th – ECCE Class will finish.
Monday July 4th – Beginning of Summer Camp