Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Nephin rd September Newsletter

September has arrived and brought with it new children, new parents and new staff. This time of the year can be very challenging but also exciting for all children. This month newsletter, we will have Birthday Corners, New Arrivals, News from the rooms and staff news. We thank you for taking the time to read it and we hope you enjoy it.
MotherHubbards would like to take this opportunity to welcome to our sessional children in Montessori:

Jacob and his parents Renata and Jakab

Matilda and Harry and their parents Caroline and Paul

Mitch and his parent Cathy

Maria and her parents Celina and Adrian

We would like to say a big welcome to:

Kate in Premontessori whose big brother Conor is already in Montessori and their parents Karen and Ken

Sophie in Baby room and her parents Martha and Brahim

A big welcome to our new member staff, Lydia and Karen in the Montessori room

Birthday Corner
We would like to say a big Happy Birthday to:

Sophia who was 1 yr on the 3rd

Sean who was 4 yrs on the 4th

Aoife who was 4 yrs on the 14th

New Arrivals
Congratulations to Kelley on the birth of her gorgeous baby girl Amelie.

Also congratulations to Aine and Laurent on the birth of their cute baby boy Lucien.

We would like to wish farewell to Conor, Serena, Elliot and Eimear and the very best in their new schools.

News from the room

Amy is helping all our babies doing hand prints and they are having a great time.

Toddlers room
Toddlers are doing family tree using pictures of themselves, mammies and daddies with the help of Teresa and Ciara. They will also be doing ‘song of the week.’ Every week all toddlers will receive a copy of the song to take home. This will promote language and cognitive development hence physical and social development through actions songs.

Pre Montessori and Montessori
All the children are busy with Autumn theme such as leaves and four seasons with the dedicated work from Michelle, Lydia, Karen and Fiona.

Speech and Drama had their first session last Friday and all the children seemed to show great interest.

Seamus from Premontessori will be settling in Montessori and soon he will be 3 years, A Big Boy to join the ‘Big Gang.’

Please bring in set of spare clothes for your children.

A Big Thank you all to all our staff in MotherHubbards for their Hard work, Determination and Dedication with the children.

Topic of the Month
Helping your child cope with the new arrival

"Wouldn't you be put out if your partner brought a new love into the house?"

The arrival of a new baby brings major changes for the family. While this is usually a joyful time for parents it is sometimes not as happy for the baby's older sibling/s. Most children will look forward to the arrival of the new baby but will have no idea of the changes this arrival will make to their lives.

The period after the new baby comes home is a time of adjustment for all the family, not least of all the older brother/sister. The ability of most parents to understand and empathise with the adjustments their older child has to make, go a long way to helping their child make the transition to their new role.

Before the arrival

Preparation is an important part of the process and while it is impossible to fully prepare a child for the reality of sharing their lives with a small baby, it will help the child make sense of what is happening. It is best that your child knows that a new baby will be coming into the house. Explain things in a way they understand and be sure to involve them as much as is practicable in the preparations. It should be remembered though that even the most well prepared child will often find the reality of the baby's arrival a shock.

At home

In the early days it is up to the parents to make sure their older child/children do not feel excluded from the bustle that surrounds the arrival of the baby. While you cannot stop visitors from paying attention to the baby you could try to encourage them to include your older child in their praise. Maybe it could be the job of your older child to show them the baby? The older child should be involved as much as they want and is practicable.

Some older children do not want to be too involved with helping care for the baby and they should not be forced to. Also be careful not to try to include them too much in staring at and cooing at baby. If forced to do this it may turn them off baby altogether and increase the jealous feelings they naturally feel towards the new arrival.

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