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March/April Newsletter 2014

Mother Hubbards Newsletter

March/April 2014


Happy Birthday

This month we would like to wish the following children a very big Happy Birthday:


·         Emma who turned 4

·         Saoirse who turned 1

·         Ethan who turned 2

·         Lily who turned 7

·         Ella who turned 9

·         Monica turned 6

·         Hasir who turned 5

·         Ella who turned 2

·         Paddy who turned 2

·         Erin who turned 6

·         Caleb who turned 3

·         Lorcan who will be 1

·         Alex who will be 10

·         Gabi who will be 3

·         Jake who will be 3



We would like to welcome Ronan and Eve. Ronan has joined the toddler room and Eve is in the playschool room. Abigail to the toddler Room. We hope you all settle in very well!


·         Can all parents please ensure that they supervise their children once they are picked up in the evenings as an accident may occur if a child is left un-attended.

·         If your child is not attending crèche for any reason can you please phone the crèche and let the staff know.

·         We are closed on Good Friday the 18th April and also on Easter Monday 21st April.

·         The will also be no sessional Montessori from the 14th of april until the 25th of april. They will resume on Monday the 28th of april

National Pyjama Day

I am delighted to tell you that we raised a massive 718 for the irish hospice foundation. During pyjama day we had lots of fun! The children made buns and had teddy bear picnics. We really enjoyed pyjama day.


Breakfast Time

As you know breakfast time is the most important meal of the day. We would like the children to have a very healthy breakfast therefore we hope to take Rice krispies and corn flakes off our menu. We hope to offer readybrek, weetabix and porridge for breakfast. From time to time we will also offer the children shreddies for breakfast.



If you haven’t already got your parents permit please make sure to ask any of the staff for one. Once you have this permit you will not be clamped if you are parking in the crèche spaces.


What we have been up to


Baby Room: The baby room have been busy with their Easter crafts and enjoying relaxing baby massage.


Toddler Room: We have been learning about zoo animals, practising jigsaws and also learning colours.


Playschool room: We are learning about the caterpillar, we have read the crunching munching caterpillar and are also doing some caterpillar crafts.


Pre-Montessori: This month we have been learning in the community. We played a fun game where we matched up the people with heir equipment and also played dressed up.


Montessori Room: The children have been learning about space and the planets, they have also been learning how to tell the time.


Afterschool Room: During our mid-term, we had a movie premier and we all got the opportunity to walk on the red carpet. Our teachers were the photographers so we will have some photos of our event displayed on the wall outside our room!


Afterschool 2014

Can you please let irene or Ciara know if your child is staying on for afterschool in September and also confirm which school they will be attending.


Below is a informative article on helping children when they are starting school:


Going to School

As the local schools are offering places for September, we thought this article might be of interest to parents.

Some Tips & resources to help your child
 settle in and thrive in school

 Knowing Your Child is Ready for School

·         Communication: Your child should be able to understand others and to be understood.

·         Learning skills: Your child should be able to concentrate on a simple task, and to pay attention to people around them.

·         Physical skills: Your child should have some dressing skills and be able to use the bathroom. They should also be comfortable with fine motor skills like holding a pencil or crayon.

·         Social skills: Your child should be able to play with and, importantly, share with others. Also, it is important that your child can respond to instructions or correction by the teacher.

·         Emotional skills: It is helpful if your child is comfortable being away from you for relatively short periods of time. If a child is confident that their parent will return they are more likely to settle in a new environment.

Helping Your Child Adjust to School

In helping your child to adjust, it is beneficial if parents have a positive and relaxed attitude towards school. Some key things to remember include:

·         Visit the school with your child before the first day. As mentioned earlier, many schools have scheduled open days to facilitate this.

·         Involve your child in preparations like buying uniforms, etc. Let them help pick out things like school bags, pencil cases and lunchboxes.

·         Talk with your child about what they are looking forward to about school and what worries they may have, and try to answer any questions they have. 

·         Parents should try to take their child to school for the first few days of school. Alternatively, arrange for a familiar person to do it so that the child has a link to their home environment. 

·         Going with friends or an older brother or sister (if there is one) can also help.

·         Familiarise yourself with school policies, for example those relating to uniforms, lunches and discipline. This will aid your understanding of the guidelines that influence your child's school day.

How to Talk to Your Child about School

As was mentioned above, talking to your child about school can help them to adjust. This continues to be important throughout their school lives.

·         Talk with your child regularly about school. While this is important in itself, it also means that if a problem arises your child is used to talking about school matters.

·         Remember to listen to what your child tells you. All parents lead busy lives, and sometimes it is easy to be distracted when your child is talking to you.

·         Find an appropriate time and place to talk to your child. This should not be a formal time, but can be at mealtimes when the family is discussing their day, when a child has brought an art project home from school, or even on the way home from school.

·         Always ask your child about their experiences in school in a casual and relaxed way. This can be difficult, particularly if you are worried about a problem or incident. Remember, the way you react to your child in this type of situation may affect whether they will come to you with their concerns again.

·         However, while it is important to be relaxed, never dismiss concerns that your child may share.

How to Approach Your Child's School

Parents have many reasons to contact their child's school, ranging from getting information on school events to dealing with possible difficulties. Teachers and school staff are always willing to speak with parents, but keeping a few things in mind can help the process.

·         While teachers are always willing to speak with parents, it is important to remember to find the right time to do this. The start of the school day can be very busy, so try to arrange a good time with the teacher.

·         Be sure to attend any parent-teacher meetings the school organises. This gives both parents and teachers a chance to talk about a child's progress.

·         If you do need to talk with the teacher about a problem your child is having remember to be calm and to communicate your concerns clearly. Listen to what the teacher has to say and work together to find the best way to tackle the problem. 

·         Attending school events, such as sports days and Christmas concerts, can also be very important. Not only do children enjoy the chance to share their achievements with their parents, but these events also provide the parents with a useful means of strengthening their relationship with their child's teacher, as well as getting to know other staff including teachers your child may have in the future and the school principal.


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